SOPPA Information

Educational Technology (EdTech) is a powerful and beneficial tool used to customize instruction to meet various learning styles, increase student engagement, provide students with comprehensive feedback, facilitate communication, and so much more. It is a vital component of 21st century classrooms and it is most effective when information about your student is shared. Ensuring that your student’s data is safely and appropriately shared with EdTech vendors is taken very seriously at D155. We’ve created clear policies and procedures for our staff to follow regarding the use of EdTech in our classrooms and we’ve joined the Illinois Student Privacy Alliance in order to comply with the Student Online Personal Protection Act.

Effective 7/1/2021, SOPPA provides that student Covered Information (CI) collected by EdTech vendors be protected by security procedures meeting or exceeding industry standards and that the data is used for educational purposes only. EdTech vendors are prohibited from selling or renting a student’s information or from engaging in targeted advertising.  

SOPPA requires all public K-12 schools in Illinois, and EdTech vendors who wish to do business with them, sign a Data Privacy Agreement when sharing student data. Overall, the Act enforces increased transparency for parents, more protection for a student’s CI, and communication regarding incidents involving student data. 

Please click here to see the list of educational operators that CHSD155 has entered into an agreement with.

D155 follows established Board Press Policies with regard to Educational Technologies, Student Data Privacy, and Security. Please refer to Press Policy 7:345 for more information. Additionally, D155 shares student CI with the Illinois State Board of Education in accordance with state and federal legislation. For a list of specific CI shared, please visit ISBE’s [Student] Data Elements website.

Trey Breeden
Chief Technology Officer
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