The District 155 Technology Department provides support for the operational and educational needs of the district and our schools. Technology has become an integral part of the education process and our staff ensures that all systems are secure and functional. Each of the District 155 schools have a team that can assist students and staff with any technical needs including, hardware and software support, troubleshooting, and maintenance and repair.

Technology Support

In order to provide better technology support to students, staff and the community during eLearning and hybrid environments, the District 155 Technology team has implemented a new help desk solution by incidentIQ. You can now access tech support with the click of a button.

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From your chrome device, simply click the Tech Support icon in the lower system tray or bookmark and login using your d155 Google account. There are also Tech Support links available from the district and school websites under STUDENTS, STAFF, and PARENTS at the top right corner. If your device is damaged and you are unable to use it to submit a technology help request, you can search for and install the Incident IQ app on your smartphone. When prompted for district URL enter chsd155, then log in with your D155 Google account.


George DiVenere
Chief Technology Officer
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1028

Trey Breeden
Technology Program Manager
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1029

Matt Knoll
Technical Infrastructure Manager
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1048