Language Academy

District 155 offers English language support and development through our Language Academy program. Students who are working on building English proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening will benefit from participation in this program.

Students from the four district high schools attend the program, which is located at Crystal Lake Central, during the first 4 class periods of the day. Students then return to their home schools for the remainder of the school day. A rotating sequence of courses are offered bi-annually to ensure that students are able to complete all graduation requirements in a language-rich, supported classroom.

Teachers in the Language Academy are highly trained content area teachers with advanced training in the support of English language development. Classroom aids and co-teachers work with the classroom teacher to provide additional supports.


Ken Arvidson
Matthew MacCrindle

Kris LeMoine
Dan Aloicio

English as a Second Language
Sydney Deckro
Gloria Magana
Mark Rzepecki
Jay Schwarzrock
Jessica Splain

Social Science
Jay Schwarzrock

Driver's Ed
Mark Rzepecki

Amy Johnson

Sarah Fack

Contact Us

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services & Special Education
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1011

Steven Knope
Program Coordinator
Phone: 815-459-2505 ext. 2278