College & Career Pathways

District 155 encourages students to expand their education beyond high school. Each school has a College and Career Center with a supervisor who help guide students through the post-secondary process, as well with any available scholarships and financial aid. 

In addition to preparing for college, District 155 offers a Career Internship Program, to give our students real-world experience in the workforce. If you're interested in jump-starting you career, please visit the Career Internship Program page.

Financial Aid Information Night 2022

Financial aid process 2022                      

McHenry County College

Fore information about dual credit coursework in partnership with McHenry County College, please click here                             

Vocational/Technical Preparations

District 155 recognizes the importance of preparing students for vocational/technical schools and/or careers. The District offers a variety of courses that will train students on machines, provide hands-on experience and connect them with important resources in the trade industry. 

To learn more about vocational/technical careers and classes, please visit your school's Industry and Careers page.

Contact Us

Cary-Grove High School
Kristen Gill
College/Career Center Advisor
Phone: (847)-639-3825 ext. 4153


Crystal Lake Central High School
Samantha McKenna
College/Career Center Advisor
Phone: (815) 459-2505 ext. 2256

Crystal Lake South High School
Caitlyn Dayton
College/Career Center Advisor
Phone: (815) 455-3860 ext. 3279

Prairie Ridge High School
Karen Rocks 
College/Career Center Advisor
Phone: (815) 479-0404 ext. 5156