College & Career Pathways

District 155 encourages students to expand their education beyond high school. Each school has a College and Career Center with a supervisor who help guide students through the post-secondary process, as well with any available scholarships and financial aid. 

In addition to preparing for college, District 155 offers a Career Internship Program, to give our students real-world experience in the workforce. If you're interested in jump-starting you career, please visit the Career Internship Program page.

McHenry County College

Fore information about dual credit coursework in partnership with McHenry County College, please click here                             

Vocational/Technical Preparations

District 155 recognizes the importance of preparing students for vocational/technical schools and/or careers. The District offers a variety of courses that will train students on machines, provide hands-on experience and connect them with important resources in the trade industry. 

To learn more about vocational/technical careers and classes, please visit your school's Industry and Careers page.

Contact Us

Kimberly Dahlem 
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services & Special Education
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1011

Cary-Grove High School
Lalitha Gasparov
College/Career Center Supervisor
Phone: (847)-639-3825 ext. 4153


Crystal Lake Central High School
Samantha McKenna
College/Career Center Supervisor
Phone: (815) 459-2505 ext. 2256

Crystal Lake South High School
Hailey Baker
College/Career Center Supervisor
Phone: (815) 455-3860 ext. 3279

Prairie Ridge High School
Kristen Gill 
College/Career Center Supervisor
Phone: (815) 479-0404 ext. 5156