Public Notice

To be in compliance with the State of Illinois, the Operations Department has provided required legal documents regarding certain projects, notices, and plans.

Public Notice Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract

Community High School District 155 applies herbicides and pesticides to outside lawns and fields in accordance with the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act (415 ILCS 65/) by state certified personnel. All affected areas will be marked at the usual point or points of entry immediately following application and should not be entered until dry. Questions should be directed to District 155’s Grounds/Fields Maintenance Supervisor Jay Locascio via email at

For weed control on all grassy areas, there will be a district-wide application of Speedzone or T Zone SE (both selective herbicides). For weed control along fence lines, paved areas, foundations, and planting beds, an application of Roundup or Ranger Pro (both non-selective herbicides) will be applied. Application of herbicides will be performed by properly certified District 155 personnel between April 1, 2024 and November 1, 2024.

For weed control on all grassy areas, there will be a district-wide application of Escalade®2 Herbicide and Shaw’s Turf Food Granular Fertilizer. These applications will be applied by TruGreen, Inc. commercial personnel between April 20, 2024 and June 30, 2024.

Most school districts rely on the prevailing wages that the Department of Labor determines for their county. A 2019 amendment to the law means that most school districts no longer have to go through the steps of publishing the prevailing rates in the local newspaper. Instead, a district can simply post a notice to its website with a link to the Department of Labor’s published prevailing wages for the county. The Illinois Department of Labor's website, with links for all counties, can be found HERE.


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