Tax Levy

We are fortunate to live in a community that values public education. Our first priority is to provide our students an excellent education while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. We agree there is a heavy tax burden on residents of Illinois and McHenry County, and feel it’s important that our taxpayers know our districts have taken action to ease the tax burden while continuing to provide a quality education.

2018 Tentative Tax Levy Proposal

District 155’s Board of Education approved a tentative tax levy proposal that will save taxpayers at least $1.7 million per year. The estimated savings for a $200,000 house is $53.14 for the District 155 portion of the tax bill. The tax rate for District 155 has dropped three consecutive years, and the tax rate is 12.7 percent less than it was in 2014.

2018 Tax levy presentation

Tax Levy FAQ

What is a tax levy/tax extension?

The tax levy is the amount that a school district requests from property taxes to provide sufficient revenue to maintain its schools and to conduct programs for the education and benefit of all children residing in the school district. The tax extension is the amount that a school district expects to receive.

How much can the district increase the tax levy/extension?

Per the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), District 155 is “tax capped,” meaning annual tax extensions are limited by the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) for the prior calendar year or 5%, whichever is less.

Why is the tax levy important to District 155?

The tax levy is District 155’s largest, most stable source of revenue. It provides 74% of the district’s total revenue as well as operating revenue.

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