Annual Safety Drills

District 155 and its schools complete a variety of safety drills each year. These efforts exceed the minimum state requirements in order to best prepare our students for a variety of emergency situations. Each school and building completes at least the following each year:

  • Three Fire Drill Evacuations
  • One Tornado Drill (shelter in place)
  • One Emergency Lockdown Drill
  • One Bus Evacuation Drill
  • One Security Audit with Local First Responders

The district's goal is to ensure that our students and employees have significant training above and beyond what is necessary to respond should an emergency situation arise. District 155 partners with local first-responders to ensure that the latest techniques and best-practice procedures are followed during safety drills.

Additionally, many district employees have received supplemental trainings in first aid, AED use, CPR, and other important emergency response techniques.