Education for Employment


Interrelated Occupations

This cooperative education program is designed to provide students the skills needed to be successful in our rapidly changing global economy and workforce. Classroom topics include: job search skills (resumes, networking, interviewing techniques), career exploration, occupational survival skills (decision making, problem solving, goal setting, interpersonal) as well as money management skills. Students are released from school and receive credit for their on-the-job cooperative work experiences enabling them to apply the skills learned in class. They will work a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

*Students enrolled in this course during the second semester will meet the Consumer Education requirement for graduation.*

Semesters: 1-4 
Level: 11, 12
Credit: 1/2 Class and 1/2 Job
Prerequisite: Age 16; related class meets 5 periods/week


This education for employment course is designed to provide freshmen and sophomores an opportunity to achieve personally, academically and professionally. Classroom instruction focuses on skills such as: study skills, time management, interpersonal skills, and career exploration. By developing these skills and exploring careers it is hoped to spark the interest in students to stay in school and work toward meaningful goals.

Semesters: 2
Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Credit: 1/2 per Semester
Prerequisite: Department Chair

Career Internship

A semester course that provides students an opportunity to explore career interests.  Students will develop desirable workplace skills, habits, and attitudes.  This course consists of nine weeks of classroom instruction and nine weeks of on-site internship duties.  Placements are contingent upon approved partnerships with local businesses and organizations and may include, but not be limited to automotives, business and finance, cosmetology, culinary arts, government and public relations, engineering, health and human services, information and computer technology, law, manufacturing, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine.  Students are required to complete an application and successfully complete an interview.  Some partnerships may not occur due to limited or unavailable placements. Students must provide their own transportation to and from the internship site. 

This course meets only during second semester.

Semesters: 1
Level: 12
Credit: 1/2 per semester
Prerequisite: Approval of the division leader and successful completion of other required steps indicated in the description.

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