Academic Departments



Expand your creativity through art and design, photography and art history.
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Reading, literature, writing, and critical thinking are integral to the english curriculum. 
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Sharpen your instrumental skills or learn how to use technology to enhance the sound of music.
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Industry and Careers

Business Education

From accounting to marketing, learn what it takes to create and run a business.
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Education for Employment

Develop the skills needed to be successful in the economy and workforce.
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Child Development

Focus on the stages of development in children as well as study family consumer sciences. 
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Fashion & Design

Dive into the fashion world with a variety of classes including textiles, and fashion merchandising.
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Culinary Arts

Master the basics of cooking and learn more about nutrition and meal management. 
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Industrial Technology

Gain meaningful hands-on experience while exploring mechanical, industrial, and engineering industries. 
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International Studies

Social Science

Examine the past and become a more knowledgeable and active citizen with the social science curriculum. 
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World Language

Master a new language by developing skills in speaking, listening, writing, and reading.
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Computer Science

Explore how the modern age of technology can impact the world through Computer Science courses.
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From biology to physics, explore, investigate, and discover new experiences in the Science curriculum. 
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From algebra to geometry and precalculus, students are challenged to observe and solve problems as well as think critically.
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Driver Education

Learn the rules of the road in the classroom and behind the wheel in the Driver Education curriculum.
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Health & Physical Education

Focus on improving health and wellness as well as learn to collaborate as a team through a variety of activities.
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