Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, D155 students must obtain 20.25 credit units. 

  Computer Education  0.5 units
  English  4.0 units
  Social Science1  2.0 units
  Science  2.0 units
  Mathematics2  3.0 units
  Elective Courses3  6.0 units
  Consumer Education4  0.25 units
  Classroom Driver Education  0.25 units
  Physical Education & Health  2.25 units
  Career Experiences Program5  0.0 units
  TOTAL  20.25 units

1At least one year of Social Science must be United States History & beginning with the High School Graduating Class of 2020, the ISBE mandated civics requirement must be met.  Courses that meet the Civics requirement will be noted in the Social Science section

2One credit of Mathematics must be in Algebra I and one credit must be a course that includes Geometry content.

3One credit of electives must be in art, foreign language, music, or vocational education.

4Requirement may be completed through some business classes, family and consumer science courses, or the Cooperative Education Program

5The Career Experiences Program (CEP) requirement will be met by successful completion of all tasks assigned in the required seminar/advisory period each year.  This graduation requirement begins with the class of 2025.

All freshmen take Freshman Seminar, a decision-making and career awareness course. 

College Entrance Requirements

Most colleges have courses they require incoming students to have taken in high school. Unfortunately, not all schools have the same entrance requirements. Some colleges might have entrance requirements that exceed Community High School District 155's graduation requirements.

When a student knows what college he/she would like to attend, he/she should carefully check that school's entrance requirements. The following high school courses would meet the requirements of most colleges:

  •         English >> 4 years
  •         Math >> 3 years
  •         Science >> 3 years
  •         Social Science >> 3 years
  •         Foreign Language/Fine Arts >> 2 years

Many colleges require less or will allow substitutions with vocational courses. Most universities require that these courses come from our regular honors track.

College entrance requirements are confusing and subject to change without notice. District 155 encourages all students to meet with guidance counselors to help clarify the requirements for specific schools or study. 

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