Dual Credit Courses

Dual credit courses provide students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit while taking the course.  Courses are aligned with college curriculum but are taught by D155 instructors in our high schools.  Credits earned are typically transferrable to any college, not just the awarding university.  Currently, we have dual credit partnerships with both McHenry County College and the University of Illinois.  As all dual credit courses are aligned to college curriculum, they will earn honors level weighting. 

The grading scale at MCC is different than CHSD 155.  MCC does not award letter grades with pluses or minuses which is different than the grading system in CHSD 155.  For instance, a B+ earned in CHSD 155 is a B at MCC.  As a result, it is possible that the grades reported on the MCC and CHSD 155 report cards and transcripts vary.  For more information on dual credit courses and our partnership with McHenry County College, please click here.


D155 Course Title MCC Course Title

MCC Credits

DC Spanish IV

Intermediate Spanish       (SPA 251/SPA 252)


Elementary Spanish          (SPA 151/SPA 152)


DC French

Intermediate French          (FRE 251/FRE 252) 8

DC German

Intermediate German        (GER 251/GER 252) 8

DC Speech

Intro to Speech                  (SPE 151)


DC Auto II

Principles of Automotive Technology (AMT 100) 4

H DC Culinary Arts II Commercial

Sanitation and Safety        (CLM 105)

H DC Advanced Culinary Commercial Intro to Professional Hospitality (CLM 100) 3
DC Marketing Principles of Marketing   (MKT 110) 3
DC Music Appreciation Music Appreciation          (MUS 151) 3
DC Computer Business Applications I Computer Literacy for Windows (CDM 110) 3
DC CNC Precision Machining & Engineering I Introduction to Manufacturing (IMT 100) 3
DC Metals II Introduction to Manual Machining (IMT 105) 3
DC Business Incubator Intro to Entrepreneurship (BUS 160) 3
DC Virtual Enterprises International Intro to Entrepreneurship (BUS 160) 3



D155 Course Title

University of Illinois Title U of I Credit
DC Calculus III Calculus III (MATH 241) 4


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