AP® Courses

Advanced Placement® courses are for students with exceptionally rapid learning abilities, advanced school skills, preparing for an Advanced Placement® examination, and/or planning to attend a college/university after high school.

Students in the AP® level are expected to:

  1. Take full and immediate responsibility for independent learning with limited guided practice.
  2. Review and study class material extensively in addition to completing assigned homework.
  3. Have recall, comprehension, and problem-solving skills.  The AP® level emphasizes inference, synthesis, and evaluation.  A difference between AP® and Honors levels is the frequency and depth of activities reflecting these higher order skills.  The curriculum is more complex, challenging, and extensive than at the Honors level. 
  4. In the event that research projects are assigned, be self-directed and independent in their research.  The projects can take any of the following forms: written, spoken, performed, or crafted.  Students will be expected to complete these projects in addition to daily class work and homework.
  5. Adjust to an accelerated pace that approximates college-level pacing.

Homework will typically be assigned daily.  It will be extensive, time-consuming, and require students to read, write, problem-solve, review, memorize, design, or craft.  Summer assignments may also be provided.

District 155 offers a wide variety of AP® courses for students to choose from.



AP® English

  • AP® Language & Composition
  • AP® Literature & Composition

AP® Art

  • AP® Studio Art 2D, 3D, and Drawing
  • AP® Art History

AP® Music

  • AP® Music Theory

AP® Social Science

  • AP® European History
  • AP® U.S. Government & Politics
  • AP® U.S. History
  • AP® Psychology
  • AP® Microeconomics
  • AP® Macroeconomics
  • AP® Human Geography

AP® World Language

  • AP® Spanish Language & Culture
  • AP® Spanish Literature & Culture

AP® Computer Science

  • AP® Computer Science Principles
  • AP® Computer Science A

AP® Science

  • AP® Biology
  • AP® Chemistry
  • AP® Physics I
  • AP® Physics C
  • AP® Environmental Science

AP® Math

  • AP® Calculus AB
  • AP® Calculus BC
  • AP® Statistics


AP® Exams typically are scheduled for early May.  To find your child's specific subject exam date go to:

  AP Exam Dates

For more information on the Advanced Placement Program® visit: 


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