Made in Your Own Backyard

D155 Students & Parents Explore Manufacturing Careers

District 155’s Made in Your Own Backyard Event offers students across the district an opportunity to explore careers at local manufacturing companies in McHenry County. 

"It helps me see what my options are and what I want my options to be in the future," says John Gardner, a Crystal Lake South student. 

District 155 partnered with four local companies - Fabrik, General Kinematics, Proampac, and Swiss Automation - to offer this event for free. Forty-five students and their parents participated in interactive tours at two companies. This event is unique because parents have an opportunity to attend and learn about the manufacturing industry and career opportunities for students.

"I attended with my dad, he thought it was really cool too, we both like that stuff," said Edgar Camacho, a Crystal Lake South student. "Anything that comes to your mind, you can just make it happen." 

We believe events like this one align with our mission… for our students to ENTER WITH PROMISE. AND LEAVE WITH PURPOSE.

"I would definitely recommend this event to other students, you get to learn what manufacturing really is," said Julia Kroll, a Cary-Grove student. "It was interesting seeing what they did and what the job would contain and if I would be interested in doing that in the future."