Building Operations & Logistics

Traffic Flow

Areas of high traffic flow in each building will be marked with appropriate signage to encourage new traffic patterns and restrict movement before school, after school, and during passing periods.



Restroom facilities will be sanitized with EPA approved disinfectants multiple times each day in accordance with the movement of students from class to class.


Drinking Fountains

Students and staff are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to refill at the available touch-less bottle filling stations. Drinking fountains will be disabled in all buildings.


Shared Items

Sanitizing kits will be available in each classroom to clean shared items with EPA approved sanitizer.


Points of Service

Plexiglass barriers are installed at point of service locations between staff and students or visitors. This includes main offices, administrative offices, student services, media centers, cafeterias, technology support centers, and security touch points.


HVAC units and the opening of windows when possible will be utilized throughout buildings to introduce as much fresh air as possible. Our maintenance team will regularly check building systems for optimal performance.


Lunch Hours

Meals will be distributed in a grab & go style. All lunches will be bagged and students will line up 6 feet apart to collect their meals. Students will eat in designated areas of 50 or fewer students. Meal payment will take place at cashier stations with Plexiglass barriers, where students will scan their ID to facilitate touch-less transactions (no cash or checks accepted in lunch line). Lunches can also be brought from home. 10-12th grade students will have open campus lunch hours.

Study Hall

Study halls will be limited to 50 or fewer students and staff per location. Media centers, math & literacy centers, open classrooms, and other designated locations will be open for 1st and 9th hour study hall. Attendance during 1st and 9th hour study hall is not required for 9-12th grade students. Students will be asked to use only personal items to limit the use of shared items, textbooks, loaned Chromebooks, etc.