Remote Learning Expectations: Teachers, Staff & Administrators

Teacher & Staff Expectations

Teachers will...

  • Take “daily” attendance and enter into Skyward (when synchronous learning is taking place).
  • Post all assignments to Canvas and update the weekly overviews and calendar. Assignments will be posted by the start of class on the assigned day.
  • Post all grades to Canvas which will then transfer to Skyward.
  • Only require live instruction/class meetings during their scheduled class times.
  • Provide a minimum of 30 minutes of synchronous (live) instruction during their assigned class time (Tuesday-Friday block schedule).
  • Ensure that activities allow for students at home to participate fully.
  • Be  available for student/parent questions or concerns. Staff will respond to email or messages within a reasonable timeframe. Emails or messages received after 2:30 p.m. may not be responded to until the subsequent day.

    **Teachers may schedule time for students to come in to complete labs, complete an assessment, or other activities with approval from the Principal.**

Administrator Expectations

Administrators will...

  • Provide support and assist with problem-solving with staff and families.
  • Manage systems and procedures to ensure student access to instructional resources/materials (i.e. Chromebooks, etc.).
  • Provide continuous communication and support for Remote Learning.
  • Keep a focus on student social-emotional well-being.
  • Contact parents/guardians and/or related service or support staff (counselor, dean, case manager) if there are concerns about student engagement and/or work completion.
  • Establish and/or support collaborative structures to best support teacher innovation and practice.
  • Review and respond to teacher, student, and parent feedback.
  • Communicate daily with teachers and counselors to address questions or support needs.