Remote Learning Expectations: Students & Parents

Student Expectations


  • Will be required to attend all live events scheduled during their assigned class time. Students must keep their cameras and audio ON throughout the lesson or until the teacher releases the class.
  • Will log onto Canvas daily and will be responsible to complete all assignments posted.
  • Will abide by all school policies in the student handbook, including the acceptable use policy for technology.
  • May receive asynchronous instruction (videos, reading, etc) outside of assigned class times to engage in during their off day from the class.
  • Need to communicate with teacher(s) any needs related to engaging in Remote Learning.

Parent Expectations

Parents should...

  • Encourage their child to complete assigned work.
  • If your student is absent due to sickness, college visits, family vacation, etc. parents need to call the attendance line and report your student’s absence.

    *If your student is sick, but still able to participate in remote learning, we ask that you contact the nurses office to report the student’s illness.
  • Communicate concerns with teachers, related service staff, and/or support staff.
  • Consider appropriate working conditions for your child(ren) to find success throughout the entire school closure period.
  • Support your child(ren)’s participation and engagement in Remote Learning each day.

    We ask that parents refrain from recording or taking pictures of their children working online or our teachers delivering lessons. We understand and appreciate that parents want to celebrate and highlight their children’s accomplishments and those of their teacher(s). Unfortunately, this may result in the unintended consequence of discouraging our staff from participating in synchronous learning due to the level of exposure and, at times, inappropriate comments that are often posted online.