Message from the Superintendent

Over the course of the 2019-20 school year, I was continuously reminded of the tradition of dedication and collaboration that Community High School District 155 embodies. I am proud to present this year’s Annual Report as a collection of achievements of the students and staff who make our culture of excellence possible. 

D155’s mission to Enter with Promise and Leave with Purpose remains a driving force behind our success. The understanding that students come first underscores all that we do, and our goal is to ensure that all students may leave District 155 with the tools necessary to thrive in college, career, and life. 

With the implementation of the district’s Strategic Plan, we continue to find various ways to strengthen community partnerships and connect students with opportunities for success. With over 200 courses and 150 extracurriculars and activities offered, we remain committed to providing our students a diverse and complete education. In 2019, 43.4% of D155 students were enrolled in early college coursework, providing our students with a valuable and varied curriculum. Classrooms designed for innovation, including state-of-the-art learning kitchens and Engineering labs housing 3-D printers, allow students to explore a variety of pathways during their time in high school.                                                                                            

In order to provide this environment of innovation for our students, District 155 completed over $62 million in capital projects over the past 5 fiscal years while sustaining a balanced budget. D155’s Board of Education has held the operating tax levy flat two of the last five years, and abated money back to taxpayers. This level of fiscal responsibility has saved taxpayers a collective $8.8 million while continuously maintaining and improving our facilities.  

This year, in many unprecedented ways, challenged one of our core values: change. Educators and leaders throughout our district, the state, and world at large were forced to connect with students in innovative and creative ways. What remained constant was our staff’s ability to engage and empower students even in times of transformation. As we bid farewell to an impressive group of graduates and reflect on this year, District 155 recognizes the necessity for growth and evolution in education and remains committed to serving our exceptional students, stakeholders, and community as we look towards the future. 

Steve Olson

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