External Coursework

The office of Curriculum and Assessment accepts numerous external programs and classes as potential avenues of professional development. Course Approval Form is required for every individual course. An approved program of study is not an approval of every course within that program.

Online coursework must be in the content area of the faculty member, or in an area of identified district need, such as instructional technology, assessment, reading across the curriculum, or differentiated instruction. Course Approval Forms must be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the proposed course.


Instructions for Advanced Credit and Reimbursement of Approved Course

Advancement on the salary schedule will be given for approved courses upon receipt of an official transcript from the college or university.  Please remember lane movement occurs in September of each  academic year. 

Reimbursement for tuition for each course requires official transcript and proof that you have paid the college or university in full for the course.  A detailed statement from the college or university showing the amount paid for tuition and fees and that you have a balance of zero must be submitted on official letterhead of the institution.  If the university generates the statement electronically, it must also include  your name, date, semester (e.g. Fall 2014), the course name, price breakdown of the fees for the semester, and show a zero balance at the university.

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