Educational audiology services for students at D155 are provided through Crystal Lake D47 Audiology.

The audiologists at D47 are certified by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and/or the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and maintain Illinois licensure.

Educational audiologists are experts in assessment and management of children and young adults with hearing loss and auditory deficits. We see children of any age and provide services through 21 years of age, including those with special needs. We identify and address problems related to a student’s hearing loss and hearing technology, including verifying the performance of personal hearing instruments and determining the need for hearing assistive technology (e.g. remote microphone DM systems and soundfield systems).

Educational audiologists are members of a student’s educational team. We work closely with the student, family, the hearing itinerant, the teacher, and when appropriate, other professionals such as speech language pathologists, school nurses, and school psychologists to promote understanding of hearing loss and associated challenges. As a team, we help determine the best ways to facilitate hearing, communication and listening access in the classroom and provide recommendations for: support services, resources, accommodations, and strategies that ease listening fatigue and facilitate learning.

We are committed to providing students and their families with the necessary information and support to foster development and optimize their educational experience.

Services & Scope

  • Population served: birth to 21 years of age, including those with special needs

  • Comprehensive evaluation and management of children and young adults with hearing loss.

  • Hearing screenings and monitoring of hearing loss.

  • Recommendation, selection and fitting of hearing assistive technology for the classroom (e.g. remote microphone DM systems).

  • Assessments to verify hearing technology benefit and identify additional support and accommodations required to optimize the listening environment.

  • Consultation with families, educators and other professionals including the child’s private audiologist to foster successful management of hearing loss and auditory deficits in school and at home.

  • FM/DM system inventory management and maintenance.

  • Loaner hearing aid bank for trials or repairs.

  • Expertise in hearing loss prevention and hearing conservation strategies.

As with all special education evaluations/services, there is no charge to parents for these services if they are recommended by the educational team.

Referral Procedure

3 through 21 years: Parent should contact either their child’s hearing itinerant teacher, speech language pathologist, school nurse, or the special education coordinator.

Birth to 3 years: If receiving services through Child and Family Connections CFC#25, contact your case manager for a referral.  If the child lives in a member district but is not receiving Early Intervention services and lives in a member district, please contact your local school administrator for a referral.  

Please contact the audiologists with questions. (815) 788-5041

Rin Steinhoff, Au.D., CCC-A

Mary Sue Heinzelmann, M.S.,