School Safety Information

At District 155 and its schools, we make your child’s safety our number one priority each day. We understand our role in returning your child safely at the end of each day. We know that students who feel safe are more likely to find success in school, so we strive to provide a secure environment by focusing both on preventative measures and a comprehensive crisis response plan.

As it relates to schools, there are many elements to school safety including:

  • Building Security
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being

District 155 has programs and personnel dedicated to addressing each of these areas. The complete scope of these programs is greater than can be described on these pages, but the information below provides some background information.

First and foremost, please be aware that students and parents play an important role in keeping our schools safe. If you are aware of an issue, we ask that you report it to the school or district. You can do so through the link in the column at left. While you can provide feedback anonymously, it is always best to provide us with a name or contact information in case we need clarification or additional information.

Beyond the existing programs aimed specifically at students, the district offers training to parents about a variety of topics including healthy relationships, bully, suicide, nutrition, study skills, and other related themes at its annual Parent University event which is hosted each year in February, the half-day event is a great resource for parents regardless of their student's grade in school.