Google Hangouts Conferences

To schedule a conference call via Google Hangouts…

  1. Open Google Calendar, and create a new appointment.

  1. Enter a meeting name, select a date/time, and click on “Add rooms, location, or conferencing”

3. Click on “Add conferencing”

4. Once the “Join Hangouts Meet” option appears, Click the down arrow to see the meeting details, including the telephone conference number/pin  and the link to the hangouts conference (which can be used if you will be using video calling and/or screen sharing as part of this meeting)


  • If you invite other guests to the meeting via Google Calendar, this information will automatically be shared with them in the meeting invitation and calendar appointment.  This is appropriate when scheduling meetings with students and D155 colleagues, as they all have a Google account. 

  • If you are setting up a call or meeting with a parent, please understand that they may not have a Google account or be able to accept calendar invitations.  In this case, please limit your meetings to tele conferences and share the telephone number and PIN with them via email. 

  • You can generate as many meetings as you’d like, and each meeting can include up to 200 participants.  

  • You should not try to reuse phone numbers or meeting links, as they expire shortly after the scheduled meeting ends. 

Matt Timmerman
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1012

Kimberly Dahlem 
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services & Special Education
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1011

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Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Phone: (815) 455-8500 ext. 1043

Lori Hausherr
Application and Services Coordinator-Skyward
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  • Skyward assistance 
  • Email, new-user set-up/password change

Terri Reineck
Administrative Assistant- Educational Services
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  • Educational Services support
  • Intra-district transfer procedures