Board of Education Committees

Board Policies

Amy Blazier Adam Guss*, Dave Secrest, Jay Sargeant

Boundary and Enrollment

Amy Blazier*, Ron Ludwig, Dave Secrest, Steve Olson, Dr. Neil Lesinski, Dr. Eric Ernd, Scott Shepard, Shannon Podzimek

Budget, Planning, Finance, and Audit

Jason Blake, Adam Guss, Tom Vaclavek*, Erica Bruso,  Kevin Werner

Community Relations/Inter-Governmental Affairs

Amy Blazier**, Adam Guss, Nicole Pavoris**, Shannon Podzimek

Curriculum, Staff Development, and Student Services

Amy Blazier, Nicole Pavoris*, Dave Secrest, Kim Dahlem, Scott Shepard, Matt Timmerman


Jason Blake, Ron Ludwig*, Dave Secrest, Dr. Kevin Werner, Troy Stinger

Strategic Planning

Jason Blake, Amy Blazier, Adam Guss, Ron Ludwig, Nicole Pavoris, Dave Secrest*, Tom Vaclavek, Scott Shepard, Steve Olson

Transportation Joint Agreement

Dave Secrest*, Kevin Werner

Workforce Development 

Jason Blake*, Nicole Pavoris, Steve Olson, Shannon Podzimek, Scott Shepard

* Board of Education Committee Chairperson
**Board of Education Committee Co-Chairpersons
REVISED 07/01/21

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