Social Emotional & Mental Health Services

Health and safety are paramount for all stakeholders. Enduring over a year of pandemic ramifications, District 155 provides therapeutic outlets to service students. Student Service divisions in each school provide individual and small group counseling as well as referral options for families. There is a strong connection between McHenry County Mental Health Services and other local agencies such as Rosecrance to bridge students with school supports.

District 155 hosts a multitude of related services including counseling, speech-language, hearing, vision, orientation mobility, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and psychiatric consultation. Assignment of services is dependent on individual student evaluation outcomes through the context of Section 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Services are delivered via group, individual, or in a blended structure as determined by the student’s educational team. Services provided in a live format keep into consideration social distancing and other safety measures.

If you have further questions about related services, please contact the student service coordinator at your school.

Dr. Hank Harvey
Cary-Grove Student Services Coordinator

Sarah Schwartz​​
Prairie Ridge Student Services Coordinator

Steve Greiner
CL Central Student Services Coordinator

Carson Sterchi
CL South Student Services Coordinator

Julie Duncan​​
Haber Oaks Campus