Building Operations & Cleaning Protocols

Hand Sanitizers

A hand sanitizing dispenser will be located in each classroom. Additionally, over 20 hand sanitizing dispensers have been mounted strategically throughout each building near restrooms, drinking fountains, gymnasiums, entrances and exits. Supplies for hand hygiene will be readily available in all buildings.

Increased Cleaning & Disinfecting

Deep cleaning and disinfecting will take place every day, and each school has 10 battery powered sanitizing sprayers which will help our custodians cover more ground. During the school day, custodians will clean and sanitize high contact surfaces and high traffic areas. Second shift custodians will perform increased cleaning and sanitizing daily. Each classroom will be equipped with a sanitizing kit, including gloves, paper towels and a spray bottle filled with an EPA approved sanitizer.


Restroom facilities will be sanitized with EPA approved disinfectants multiple times each day.

Drinking Fountains

Students and staff are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to refill at the available touch-less bottle filling stations. Drinking fountains will be disabled in all buildings.


Based on recommendations from the district's engineers, ventilation systems in all of our buildings have been transitioned to "occupied" mode. This means our ventilation units are running 24 hours a day to bring outside air into each building. HVAC units and the opening of windows when possible will be utilized throughout buildings to introduce as much fresh air as possible. Our maintenance team will regularly check building systems for optimal performance.